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Sinoma Science & Technology Co, Ltd. (Chengdu) Held the General Election of General Party Branch

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The general election of party members was held by the Company (Chengdu) general party branch on May 24, 2017. Song Bolu, the secretary of the party committee of Cinoma Science & Technology Co, Ltd., Gao Qiang, the minister of organization of Xinjin County, Liu Yi, the director of president office of Cinoma Science & Technology Co, Ltd., Gao Wei, the vice-minister of department of party-masses relationship of Cinoma Science & Technology Co, Ltd., Zhang Bingjie, vice-president and Zhang Zhengyuan, general manager of the Company (Chengdu) attended the meeting presided over by Kong Jianjun, the general branch secretary.

     The meeting started with the solemn National Anthem, followed by opening speech by Song Bolu and Gao Qiang. Song affirmed the work achievements of the previous party committee, and placed great expectations on the new general branch. Gao Qiang requested the new general committee to lead all party members and employees to make a positive contribution to accelerating construction of a national center city modern satellite town in Xinjin County. Subsequently, Kong Jianjun made a report on the work of the previous general party branch. After careful consideration by participants, General Election Method of General Branch Committee, list of election work scrutineer and list of votes recorders were approved through meeting voting. Yang Minggao, deputy secretary of general Party branch presented the approval documents on candidates from the party committee, and introduced the candidates. Finally, Kong Jianjun, Yang Minggao and Deng Gao were elected competitively as the new members of general branch committee of Cinoma Science & Technology Co, Ltd. (Chengdu) in a secret balloting way.

The first plenary session of the new general Party branch committee was held after the meeting, Kong Jianjun and Yang Gaoming were elected as the new general party branch secretary and the general party branch vice-secretary and disciplinary inspection committee member respectively. General election was finished with the solemn Internationale. The general election further improved the construction of primary party organization and the construction of leading group, enhanced the democratic consciousness and party spirit of party members, and provided strong ideological guarantee and organizational guarantee for fulfilling the“13th five-year plan” goal.


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